You are currently viewing Anuel AA implora Karol G chiede di tornare con lui durante il concerto
Anuel AA begs Karol G asks to come back with him during the concert, he sent a message, in front of thousands of people

Anuel AA begs Karol G asks to come back with him during the concert

Anuel sent a message to his ex-girlfriend, Karol G, during his presentation at a festival in front of thousands of people

A few months after his breakup with Karol G, Anuel AA made a desperate gesture during a concert to see if he could persuade Karol G to come back with him, while asking him to come back in front of thousands of people.

What was supposed to be a perfect urban couple that we believed would last forever given all the love they expressed in social networks. It ended publicly around July, so now the performer has taken advantage of the audience's gaze at the Baja Fest, in Rosarito, Tijuana, to ask for help.


“Everyone sing with me so that Karol will listen to you and see if he comes back with me”; Anuel AA expressed singing “Bubalu” in his presentation at the festival which brought together some of the most famous names in the urban genre, including Karol G.

Also, it is striking that he sent this message to his ex while performing a song about the regret of losing a partner; "Your heart beats for me, but I didn't know how to value you, baby I did you wrong. , I am here, talking to myself in the mirror, wondering why I feel you far away “; he sang in the verse before asking the audience to help him express themselves.

Karol G

He replies in front of millions of people of "NO he wants a break ..."

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