You are currently viewing Deny K lancia il suo nuovo singolo Isla Saona per accompagnare l’estate con un ritmo lounge!

Deny K launches his new single Isla Saona to accompany the summer with a lounge rhythm!

Deny K arrives with his new song inspired by Caribbean music and a special dedication to the island of Saona, a Caribbean paradise.

We will all go this summer "Pa 'la Isla Saona a escuchar las olas" on the notes of the new lounge song by Deny K which, after his latest production Stikide with Kiko el Crazy and Jasmine Carrisi, arrives completely changed proving to be constantly evolving.

Saona is a small island in the Dominican Republic known as the authentic Caribbean paradise, located south of Punta Cana, Saona Island is practically uninhabited and yet it is one of the most visited places in the Dominican Republic. Its incredible virgin nature and the excellent atmosphere that is experienced in the excursions that daily cross the island, make this place one of the most requested by tourists who enjoy their holidays in this area of the Caribbean Sea.

The Colombian artist with his new song has shown that he loves Dominican culture, in fact with his sweet melody and the video demonstrates the beauty of the Caribbean beach making us live that classic image in which the dim light of the sunset lights up the white sand, the palm trees sway gently with the sea breeze and the waves crash on the shore and all this accompanied by a melodic rhythm.

In the Isla Saona video, the singer also clarifies how happy one can be with simple things and appears with his friends drinking coconut water, playing on the beach, having a beer and going on a hike; but his love for the Dominican Republic it is not seen only in the staging of the video clip, but also in the lyrics of the song: in addition to the catchy refrain, Deny K talks about bringing his "baby" to Saona, to be together by the sea to forget the day and the hours but warns him by telling him attention if he falls in love.

The singer also explains that his work on Isla Saona has a lighter touch: “It's a song to listen to in the summer on the playlist beach to relax by drinking coconut water or a beer ”. To write the lyrics, he confesses that he relied on both his recent experiences and the possibility of dedicating a song to a place so beautiful that both children and adults can appreciate. A song for everyone that this summer we will listen to in front of the sea, the sand and the waves, dancing and traveling with our thoughts to Isla Saona.

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