WebRadio Reggaeton Rome

WebRario Reggaeton Rome, from Monday to Friday Live from 4 to 6 pm

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We are waiting for you live to have fun and stay in company with news, Remixes, 360 ° music
From 16 to 18

We will start on our Our Social platform like Facebook fb.com/reggaetonroma loaded for you.

We will defeat boredom like the old days, don't miss it !!!!

Whastsapp for messages: 3278658284

This is an event for all those like me who in this period of forced and necessary stay at home feel alone due to the lack of going out with friends.

If you have nothing to do, let's spend these afternoons in company here listening to the web radio Reggaeton Roma.it, and as soon as it's all over, we'll try to bring the situation live.

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Every day Live with our official DJs

DJ Ramirez
Ramirez DeeJay
DJ Rick
Rick DeeJay