You are currently viewing Emisha ospite a “Leggerissima estate 2021” su Rai 2
Emisha guest at "Leggerissima estate 2021" on Rai 2

Emisha guest at "Leggerissima estate 2021" on Rai 2

The talented, multifaceted Colombian singer, composer and musician, Emisha, among the guests of the next appointment of Light summer, the nocturnal broadcast of Rai 2 conducted by Samantha Togni is Fabrizio Rocca.

The emerging reggaeton artist will present the summer single for the first time on TV "Loca" made in collaboration with the Salento trio i Salento Guys; (producers of hit songs by Benji & Fede, Shade and Federica Carta, Max Pezzali and others.) 

Emisha fresh from the success of his debut single, "Amantes", has co-written and interpreted this new single from the Salento trio, who are back two years after their latest work.

"Loca" it speaks of the desire for immediate love, a fleeting and powerful love, visceral and electrifying, which takes place suddenly, without warning. In Spanish just one word is enough to describe this feeling: “tusa”!

“Loca” revolves precisely around the concept of “entusada”, that is the intoxicating feeling one feels when one cannot forget a person; whether it is due to a breakup or a crush.

Emisha will sing the single during the episode of Leggerissima Estate which will be broadcast on Rai 2 on Wednesday 18 August 2021 at 11.45 pm.

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