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Fiesta: El Micha June 10 in concert in Rome

On Friday 10 June at the Fiesta - Festival of Music and Latin American Culture there will be the concert of EL MICHA.

Michael Fernando Sierra Miranda, known in the artistic world as “El Micha”, born in 1981 in Habana, Cuba, is a well-known singer in the urban music scene. His passion for music was born at the age of 8, but he was also very passionate about sports, in fact he will undertake a sports school where he decides to perfect basketball as one of the strongest in the area.

As a child, his parents listened to the music of artists such as José Feliciano, Orlando Contreras and Oscar D'León a lot. But he already had his tastes that were somewhere between Bob Marley and Michael Jacksons. Slowly it begins to retain its audience, he performs in Mantilla, Havana, exactly at "La Rumba", a famous nightclub that was located in that city. Later he was given the opportunity to work with Elvis Manuel, another of the fundamental artists of his artistic career. With this colleague and friend he recorded several songs and also got to know his country thanks to a musical tour. Both played the duo "Dale Mambo", recognized in the tropical genre. During his career he has joined other artists and groups such as Charanga Habanera, Alain Daniel, Paulo FG, Bamboleo, Haila, Pupy and Los Que Son Son and Baby Lores, the latter, accompanied in various productions and with whom he would continue maintaining the genre hip hop, rap, reggaeton and reggae along with others exponents such as Gente De Zona, Mediterráneo, Candyman, Insurrecto, Chacal and Los 4.

In an interview, he claimed that his songs "Quiero Que Se Enteren", "En Puntilla de Pie" and "Si Se Va A Formar" were among his favorites. Between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 he managed to position himself among the most listened to artists in Cuba, so much so that he made his first official video and also planned his first international tours. Subsequently in 2012 he enters the field of music business, signing in this occasion with the Daniel Pacheco company Entertainment Production Enterprise to prepare his first record production which was called «Fuera de Liga» and also his second video clip «Quiero Que Loiscover». El Micha has distinguished himself throughout his musical career as one of the artists who, without any studio specializing in music, was able to reach his audience and conquer them. In addition, he managed to do his work as did Benny Moré and Polo Montañés, two artists who became world famous without being commercial. In early 2016, he participated in Big Boss Daddy Yankee's song "Alerta Roja" with Nicky Jam, J Balvin, Farruko, Arcangel, Zion, among others.


Friday 10 June 2022


doors opening 21.00

concert 22.30

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