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Jay Wheeler

Who is Jay Wheeler?

José Ángel López Martínez (November 21, 1994), better known as Jay Wheeler, is a Puerto Rican urban singer and songwriter. He made himself known in 2018 with the hit "Por tu Culpa", then signing a contract with Dynamic Records.

In 2019 he released his first album, Platonic. Fame came almost immediately with the songs “Se Rebeló” and “Otra Noche Más”, included on the album. He has since collaborated with artists such as DJ Nelson, Noriel, Rauw Alejandro, Myke Towers and Farruko, among others.

Jay Wheeler's life

Born in Salinas, Puerto Rico, into a working family, he and his brothers were passionate about music from an early age. His parents sang in church and he is fond of musical films. Over time he learned to play the piano. When his first computer had started producing songs by entering the world of rhythms.

Because of the bullying she suffered at school, has come to doubt his talent and his future in the world of music. It was thanks to the support of a friend that he found the courage to publish the song on the internet "Ahora estoy mejor"In 2015 and was immediately heard by the people. During the night I went viral and from that moment Wheeler had no more doubts.

I dedicate the following years to his training, while he uploaded his songs on Facebook and instagram (previews and shorts). Over time it has gained visibility through the web. As a stage name he chose the first part of his name and the Wheeler an idea from his fans.

Jay Wheeler's career

In October 2018, after two years in the networks, Jay made his debut with the single “Tal Vez", independently. A month later Un Pecado was released and in December the hit Por Tu Culpa debuted, a single with which he quickly gained recognition. Thanks to this, in early 2019 Jay signed a contract with Dynamic Records and shortly after he published "Quédate Sola", followed by "Te Soñé" is "Otra Noche Más“.

Finally, on November 28, 2018, his debut album Plaónico was released, which included the popular remix of “If Rebeló“, “Dime Que si ", “Me Enamoré" And “Otra Noche Más" in collaboration with Farruko is DJ Nelson. After its release, the album became a trend, positioning itself in various charts of the urban genre.

Jay Wheeler in 2020

He also collaborated with Pusho to the remix of "4Life”And released an unplugged version of his best hits. Jay started 2020, releasing several singles; The first to come out was "Mejor Así"With DJ Nelson, then"Sin Ti (Remix)"With Brytiago and"Lloras (Remix)”With Noriel, Alex Rose, Lenny Távarez and Cauty and finally Vivir debuted.

In June 2020 he released his second album Platónicos (2020), a work full of collaborations. The album contains twelve songs, among which stand out: the hit La Curiosa with DJ Nelson and Myke Towers, Para Ti with Alex Rose and Esa Nota with Miky Woodz.

He recently participated in the production of Infiel's remix Rauw Alejandro and Noriel together with Kevvo and Brytiago.

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