Maluma shared his phone number

Maluma shared her phone number on Instagram; The singer will take advantage of the quarantine time to get closer to his fans

In these troubled times of the coronavirus many people need support to get through the quarantine and what better way to boost morale than to be to talk to your favorite singer?

This is exactly what Colombian Maluma tries to do with his fans: get close to them in this challenging stage that everyone is experiencing. That's why the reggaetonero has decided to make his mobile number public and therefore to have a closer contact with all his fans.

In an Instagram video, in which the 26-year-old singer appears first practicing and then speaking directly to the camera, he announced that he would leave his phone number so people could contact him.

122/5000 ″ This is my cel. Write me # 1 (718) 223-4307. I am waiting ”, he explained in the short text accompanying the publication.

Ps. Only for numbers from USA or CANADA

“What's going on family? I hope you are well, that you are taking care of yourself, that you are with the people you love, at home. Well, since they are so scattered, since I don't have many things to do, I really want to give all of you my cell phone number… private… yes, ”he explained in the first part of the clip.

Although the singer wants his fans to communicate directly, he explained that for now only the inhabitants of the United States can do so. However, he predicts that in the next few days he will already be able to communicate with fans from all over Latin America and beyond.

“I want you to text me, people who want to talk to me, we'll be there, in touch. So I'll leave my number there. Only people from the United States and Canada can write to me. OK? ”Maluma concluded.

The registration was made in Medellín, Colombia, where Maluma has been sheltered for a few days. It is for this reason that the singer regularly uses her Instagram account and has even lived with singers like Belinda.

But that's not the only thing he did, as just over a week ago, Juan Luis Londoño Arias, the Colombian's real name, radically changed his appearance while shaving all his hair.

He did it for a good cause: to celebrate 50 million followers on Instagram. “Salud y vida, mi gente”, Maluma published as a presentation of her look, can be seen in the garden of her property and sipping a glass of wine on instagram.

Also, the performer of “Felices los Cuatro” has made a joke on his followers, who are always trying to keep up with his love life. “Now yes, I'm introducing my partner for this quarantine. ¡Cosita hermosa! ”Wrote the musician along with a video, sowing confusion and surprise.

“Well, my friends. I think this quarantine was just very difficult. Today, Sunday, something took me ... I had to call a friend to avoid spending another Sunday alone. Should I introduce you? Yup? " Churches.

Then he came over and kissed a young woman who was with her eyes closed and who was not reacting, because it was just a mannequin that was in her house.

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