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Marko Silva - Biography

Marko Silva, a well-known Argentine singer and musician who ventured into the world of music with the urban genre, has also developed other facets as an actor and model.

This young interpreter was born on 8 October 1992 in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. After living for a time in Quilmes, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he has his permanent residence.

Marko Silva's childhood, youth and family life

Marko from an early age had a great interest in music, so much so that his curiosity has been described as what the world has always been more, well when the great passion has not become.

Likewise, he had a great taste for cars and all that motor racing entails.

However, the sweet word for music and the ability to sing and perform in the box, he aspired to be a fan and with all the enthusiasm for what was decided by the target.

Musical Beginning by Marko Silva

Marko Silva from an early age developed a special taste for music, which is why he began training as a singer and began interpreting the songs of his favorite artists.

With these interpretations, this young Argentine managed to make his name resonate in various corners of Argentina, where he already saw a potential music star.

Music genre by Marko Silva

From its inception, Silva's musical rhythm has been defined as an urban style.

Similarly, this young performer has managed to walk through different rhythms and musical styles, but the one that predominates in all his songs is the urban one; because it is considered the one that best suits this Argentine and also for the receptivity obtained by the public. Which in most of them are young people who have the positive vibes that it transmitted on stage.

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