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ostuni breaks stereo

Ostuni, loud music at 4 in the morning: goes out into the street and breaks the stereo

The video immediately went viral and was published by Welcome to Favelas.

It portrays the former councilor for the local police, Matteo Tanzarella, in Ostuni province of Brindisi at four in the morning who goes down the street with a stick and breaks a stereo turned on by the boys who are entertaining themselves until the early hours of the morning in the square.

"I have to go to work", yells the former councilor who then walks away with the stick in his hand, to the dismay of those present.

"This is not a club - screams again -  it's 4 o'clock, me I have to go to work tomorrow morning ”. 

The video immediately went around the web.

Now I state that what is happening is because all the discos are closed places where we could check and gather everyone in one place.

As Giorgia Meloni says: You can dance anywhere in #Italia, except in the #discos. In recent days we have witnessed thousands of people dancing in the streets for the victory of Italy, for the #gaypride and for events of all kinds, yet, despite the fact that discos can ensure security measures, they are not allowed to work.

What problem does the government have with this category?

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